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Submitting client records from Penelope to DSS requires the completion of both standard Penelope and DSS specific data fields on the Individual Profile, Service File/Group and Service Event/Group Event.

Submitting records to DSS About submitting data to DSS from Penelope Submitting client records from Penelope to DSS requires the completion of both standard Penelope and DSS-specific data collection fields on the Individual Profile, Service File/Group, and Service Event/Group Event. DSS classifies the types of data they collect as Client, Case, and Session-level data. These types of data correspond to Penelope records in the following way:

The types and number of fields available at each level will vary on a number of factors including but not limited to: • Whether your agency participates in the Partnership Approach for the Case Service type • Whether the Activity Type configured for the Case Service belongs to a CHSP or Family Law Program For information about the specific data fields used in DSS submissions along with their corresponding Penelope fields and location, see Appendix 1: DSS submission data fields with corresponding fields in Penelope. When each data level is completed, records synchronise between Penelope and DSS. To ensure that the automation can occur, you’ll need to be aware of the submission process for records in Penelope.

DSS Submission process: New client records Client records created in Penelope

Record queuing begins

Record submission begins

DSS Submission process: After initial synchronisation Once you complete the initial record synchronisation, the resubmission and synchronisation process is fairly simple: If you update a record, that record will queue and submit to DSS. For example: • If you modify a client’s address, the Client record (Individual Profile) will queue and submit • If you modify the Outlet for an Event, the Session record (Event) will queue and submit • If you modify an Assessment, the Assessment will queue and submit DSS record submission checklist If you are unsure why your client is pending synchronisation, check all of the following aspects of the client’s record are complete: Client-level data (for each DSS Case Member)

Mark a record as not for submission If you do not want to submit a record to DSS, you mark that record as Not for Submission. 1. Browse to the record you want to mark as not for submission. 2. In the DSS Status box, click Mark Not For Submission. Mark all errored records as for submission 1. Browse to the DSS Submission List > Error tab. 2. Select the applicable Search Criteria for the submissions you want to queue and click Go. 3. In the Results section, click Mark All For Submission. 4. Click Okay to confirm your action. Athena Software 9 After you finish: The records will then be queued for submission and visible on the Queued tab as To Be Synchronised until they are submitted. You can return to the Error tab to review if any resubmitted records have returned further errors

Reviewing DSS submissions In addition to accessing DSS submission information from the record itself, you can review DSS submissions using the DSS Submission List as well as a number of built-in reports in Penelope. The DSS Submission List About the DSS Submission List The DSS Submission List is a tool you can use to review queued submissions, a list of submissions that have returned an error, and a history of past submissions (including successfully synchronised and errors). Access to the Submission list as well as the specific records you’re able to view is managed by Security Class settings. Generally, you’re able to view your own submissions unless your System Administrator has allowed you to access submissions of other workers. There are three tabs available in the DSS submission list: Queued, Error, and History. View the DSS Submission List Depending on your agency’s configuration settings, you can access the DSS Submission List in the following ways: • On your home page, in the Links sidebar, click DSS Submission List. • On your home page, in the DSS Summary box, click one of the numerical values. • From the DSS tab of the Individual Profile or Event record, click View Log. • From the DSS tab of the Service File or Group record, next to View Log By, click Service File or Group. DSS Submission List tabs Queued tab You can use the Queued tab to review records that have not yet been submitted to DSS.

Appendix Appendix 1: DSS submission data fields with corresponding fields in Penelope Client data (Individual Profile)

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