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Recording DSS Session Level Data (Individual)
Recording DSS Session Level Data (Individual)
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Submitting client records from Penelope to DSS requires the completion of both standard Penelope and DSS-specific data collection fields on the Individual Profile, Service File/Group and Service Event/Group Event.

DSS Session level data is submitted at the Service Event and Group Event level in Penelope.

This article focuses on submitting data at the Service Event level (eg. Individual submissions not group submissions). For instructions on how to submit session data for a Group click here.

Record/Submit Session Level Data

  1. Navigate to the applicable Service Event.

  2. On the Service Event page in the Service Details section click the DSS tab.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Select the Outlet Name if not the default Outlet.

  5. Select the Service Type.

  6. Select the Service Setting.

  7. Check/Uncheck Interpreter Present if required.

  8. For each attendee select whether they are a Client or Support Person. If – – – – (four dashes) appears next to the attendee’s name you will need to update/complete their DSS Member Information (Service File – DSS tab) prior to proceeding.

  9. Click Save.

Log a Referral

If your agency is participating in the Partnership Approach, in addition to the standard DSS Session level data you will also have the option to submit Referral and Assessment data to DSS.

Marking Attendance

Depending on your configuration you may be required to record attendance for the Service Event before entering DSS Session level information.

More information on recording event attendance can be found here:

DSS Status

For information regarding the status of your DSS Session submission, check the DSS Status section located on the DSS tab in the Service Event.

Recording DSS Case Level Data

For information on recording DSS Case level data click here.

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