Credit Card Module Requirements
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The Credit Card module in Penelope allows your agency to process credit card payments using PayPal, Worldpay, SecurePay or Barclaycard. PayPal and Worldpay are both providers of secure payment processing services to businesses around the world (Barclaycard and Worldpay are both limited to the UK and SecurePay is limited to Australia at present)

List of Supported Processing Companies

Before you can configure the Credit Card Module in Penelope you will need to select a payment processing company form the list below. Before signing up with your preferred supplier, please confirm that they provide services in your country.

When contacting your preferred provider you will need to tell them that you will be wanting to take payments using your Case Management Software (Penelope) and that you need to sign up for a product that can do this. It is also worthwhile mentioning that Penelope supports their gateway products.

We would strongly suggest contacting your preferred gateway provider to discuss your agency’s requirements before making any commitments.

Penelope supports the following providers:

  • Payflow/PayPal – Available in many countries. For instructions and further information about Payflow/PayPal, please contact Payflow/PayPal directly to discuss your agency’s requirements.

  • Worldpay – Available in many countries but Penelope's integration is only available in the UK. This link will allow you to select your local Worldpay website. Please contact Worldpay directly to discuss your agency’s needs.

  • SecurePay – Available in Australia only. This link will take you to SecurePay’s online payments page. Please contact SecurePay to discuss your exact requirements. NOTE: Penelope supports use with SecureFrame only.

  • Barclaycard – Available in the UK only. This link will take you to the Barclaycard payment gateways solutions page. Please contact Barclaycard to discuss your agency’s requirements.

What’s Next?

Once you have signed up to a payment provider you will need to ask them for some specific information relating to the configuration of Penelope. You can find information in Steps 3a, 3b, 3c or 3d of the Credit Card Module Setup Guide.

Additional Information

In addition to the information listed above, you may also find the following articles useful when configuring credit card payments in Penelope.

Have a Question?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Penelope Support Team should you have any questions or need further assistance.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions relating to the gateway provider’s products. However, we can help with configuration questions and troubleshooting in Penelope.

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