What's happening:

After completing a payment via PayPal, either made by a client via ClientConnect or made by a Worker in Penelope (via Quick Pay or on the Individual's account page), the payment is not appearing on the Individual's account page.

Possible solution:

If the "Show confirmation page" setting on your Hosted Checkout Pages settings page under PayPal Manager is set to "On a PayPal hosted page", then users will be required to click a link before the payment will submit to Penelope.

If a user misses clicking this link and close the page, the payment will not appear back in Penelope.

It is suggested to use the "On my website" setting -- after a user submits their credit card information, they will be immediately taken to a "Payment successful" page, and the payment will appear back in Penelope without the extra step of clicking a link.

Penelope also has a 10 minute timeout for receiving payments back from PayPal. If PayPal does not send a record of a payment back to Penelope within that time, it will not be recorded.

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