Log a DSS Referral
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If you have enabled the Partnership Approach for a Case Service you can include Referral information in your DSS submissions. DSS Referrals must be added at the Service Event level although it is possible to review all Event level Referrals from the Service File (Referral sidebar).

Referrals added at the Service File level will not be submitted to DSS.

Follow the steps below to add a DSS Referral:

  1. Navigate to the Service Event you would like to add the referral to.

  2. Click Add in the Referral sidebar.

  3. In the Referral Information section select the Referral Direction and Type. Enter the Name of who the referral is going to (you may also be given the option to select the Name from a list). Add Address, Contacts (e.g. phone, email, fax etc) and Notes as required.

  4. Click Next.

  5. In the Referral Entry section select why the referral is being made and which members the referral is for.

  6. In the DSS section choose the relevant Referral Purposes.

  7. In the Client Needs and Client Instructions sections enter any relevant information.

  8. Click Finish.

DSS Referral - Group Based Event

To log a Referral for a Group based session, remember to navigate to the Group Member’s instance of the Group Event.

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