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  1. DSS Submission List Page

Depending on your agency’s DSS configuration and your Worker User Group (Intake-Mgmt or Clinical Worker) you may see the DSS Summary on your My Home page in Penelope.

The DSS Summary box provides the Worker with quick access to any DSS errors or queued items (items yet to be submitted). Errors occur due to potential data issues that are preventing Penelope from submitting data to DEX successfully.

The DSS Summary box lists the following information:

  • DSS sessions that occurred more than 21 days ago and have an error or are in the queue to be submitted.

  • All DSS sessions that have an error or are in the queue to be submitted.

The numbers located in the Error and Queued column when clicked will navigate to the DSS Submission List page. From here you will be able to directly access and potentially fix the error in question (depending on the cause of the error). You can also search for particular errors by using the Search Criteria filters located at the top of the page.

There is also the option to print the DSS Errors report to help resolve any issues.

DSS Submission List Page

For more information regarding the DSS Submission List page click here.

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