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  1. DSS Submission Process Guide

The DSS Submission List can be used to:

  • Review queued submissions.

  • Review submissions that have returned an error.

  • Review past submissions including successfully synchronized submissions and errors.

Access to the DSS Submission List and its records are managed by your Security Class settings. In general, you can only view your own submissions unless your Security Class allows access to records submitted by other Workers.

There are three tabs available in the DSS submission list:

  • Queued – The Queued tab can be used to review records that have not yet been submitted to DSS.

  • Error – The Error tab can be used to review records that have returned an error after submission.

  • History – The History tab can be used to review past submissions (including those that have been successfully synchronized, as well as errors).

You can access the DSS Submission List in the following ways (depending on your agency’s Penelope configuration):

  • From your My Home page (Links sidebar > click DSS Submission List).

  • From your My Home page (DSS Summary box > click the associated number).

  • From the DSS tab on the Individual Profile or Event record (click View Log).

  • From the DSS tab on the Service File or Group record (next to View Log By > click Service File or Group).

DSS Submission Process Guide

For more information regarding the DSS submission process click here.

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