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Master Agency Schedule
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The Agency Schedule is a useful tool for viewing agency activity on a single screen. Whether you are looking for information regarding a specific Site, Worker, Service etc; multiple filters are available to ensure you find the information you are looking for in a fully customized view.

The Master Agency Schedule can be viewed by clicking the calendar icon located on the left-hand side of your My Home page. The Agency Schedule will open in a new window.

If you would like to view the Agency Schedule using the default criteria click View. If you would like to customize your results, use the available filters and then click View.

The View By section allows you to select a specific date to view by clicking the select date link in the top right of the box.

You can also choose to view a specific day of the week (e.g. Mondays) by selecting a day from the drop-down list. To view the schedule for Mondays over a certain number of weeks click the up or down arrows beside the Weeks to View box.

To view the schedule over several consecutive days, adjust the number of days to include in the view by clicking the up and down arrows beside the Days to View box. You can also change the hours of the day that you wish to view by clicking the up and down arrows beside the hours. This enables you to expand your view (if your agency provides 24-hour services for example) or to see only 1 or 2 hours each day. Click View after changing any of this information to update the Agency Schedule view.

It is also possible to filter the Agency Schedule by Worker, Resource (i.e. agency resources currently booked for use), Individual (Client) or Event (appointment). Each of these choices comes with its own set of additional filters.

Worker View: Filters include Availability Site, Worker Group, Service, Availability Type, Worker Categories and Specific Worker. You can also choose to view only Worker Availability, Intake Availability or Events (or any combination of those three) by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes in the Options section.

Resource View: Filters are Resource Site and Resource Type.

Individual View: Filters include Individual Site, Specific Individual and Specific City.

Event View: Filters include Event Site, Search Site Tree, Event Category and Service. Options are Include Workers/Resources/Individuals (or any combination of those three including zero) and Show Worker/Intake Availability (or any combination of those two including zero).

Important Information

As of Penelope version – Group events now display on the Agency Events page, Agency Schedule page, Rapid Scheduled (Assignment tab) and Worker’s Calendar even when no Individual attendees have been added to the specific event.

As of Penelope version - “Agency Schedule” and “Add Service Wizard” calendar mouseover is now optional.

When “Display case ID / name when mousing over.” is set to “No” on Event Setup the user will no longer be able to see the full details of the event. They will instead see the Event ID.

When “Display case ID / name when mousing over.” is set to “Yes” on Event Setup the user will see a new option under the “Options” list called “Event Details on Mouseover”.

When checked, this option will allow the user to view more event details. When unchecked, the user will instead see the Event ID.

To check this option, you need to be logged as SA. Once done and saved, just logout and login again with proper user to see the change within Agency Schedule Options.

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