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Depending on your agency’s workflow, you can create a Case from either the Individual Profile or Intake Wizard. By default, the name of the Case will be the Individual’s Surname and the word Case e.g. Joe Bloggs will become Bloggs Case.

Important Information:

  • The Case name can be changed after the Case has been created

  • If allowed by your administrator, multiple Cases can also be created.

  • A Case is automatically created if the Intake Wizard is used.

Create a Case – Individual Profile

  1. Navigate to the clients Individual Profile.

  2. Go to the Case Information sidebar.

  3. Click Create Case.

After you have created the Case, you may need to enrol the client in a Service by following these instructions.

Create a Case – Intake Wizard

You can also create the client’s Case by completing the Intake Wizard.

If the Individual is already in Penelope, follow the instructions below or click here if the Individual needs to be added to Penelope.

  1. Navigate to the Individual Profile of the client.

  2. Go to the Case Information sidebar.

  3. Click Intake Wizard.

  4. Complete the Intake Wizard as required.

On completion of the Intake Wizard, the Case will automatically be created. For further information about completing the Intake Wizard, click here.

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