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Troubleshooting: ‘Scheduling Conflicts and Warnings’ error
Troubleshooting: ‘Scheduling Conflicts and Warnings’ error
Updated over a week ago

What's happening:

When booking a Service Event in Penelope, you receive an error message similar to the one below but you cannot find any conflicts.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 11.09.57 AM.png

Typically, you’ll be able to easily identify if there is a conflicting appointment from your calendar or schedule when booking an event. However, if you are booked into a Group with events scheduled but no members added, the conflicting appointment may not be immediately noticeable.

Prior to version, Penelope booked the time in the Workers schedule for all pre-scheduled Group Events, even when there were no attendees. However, as there are no Individuals listed as attendees the event does not yet show in the calendar. This is what causes the scheduling conflict.

This issue should not occur if using Penelope and above.

Possible Solution

To determine if you have been booked into a group without attending Individuals, we recommend running the Group Series List Report:

  1. From your My Home page (Reports sidebar) click View all Reports.

    1. In the Case Service Reports section click Group Series List Report.

    2. Specify any criteria that you think will help locate the Group in question (for example As of Date and click View.

    3. Review the report to locate any Groups with no attending members.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 11.17.41 AM.png

You can now locate the group and determine if it has an event that conflicts. Once confirmed you can remove yourself from the group (this may involve changing the Primary Worker if you are the Primary Worker) or reschedule the Service Event.

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