Penelope generates a log output on a daily basis tracking certain actions taken by users in Penelope, errors, and log in/out times.

NOTE: Though the logs are not intended to be used for auditing as they do not contain the level of detail that may be needed, much of the information can be used to assist with auditing.

From the File attachment page on the System Admin side, under the File Transfer section, click the "Go to Penelope Files" button.

From here, follow a path similar to this one:

*your Penelope URL* /

For tracking user activity in Penelope, you will be looking for logs with request in the file name.

For a guide on how to use your request logs and what to expect, please reach out to the Penelope Support Team.

For tracking log in/out times, you will be looking for authentication.

For errors, you will be looking for throwable.

The log files will appear similar to the following --


You can then click the link, click the "Object actions" dropdown, and click open.

It is suggested that log files be opened in a word processing program that would easily allow users to use "find" to search for keywords, such as usernames or timestamps.

All logs are in UTC.

If you do not see the File Transfer section available on the File Attachment Setup page, please reach out to the Penelope Support Team.

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