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Penelope Release Notes - v4.23.5.0
Penelope Release Notes - v4.23.5.0

Available: August 6th 2021

Updated over a week ago

Penelope Enhancements



Database view “view_activity” has been removed.

We have identified that one of the views, view_activity, in the Penelope databases contains a data type that is no longer supported. This view was created for custom reporting purposes and will be removed from the database with this release. If you have custom reporting that references this view and you would like to work with Bonterra to update your custom reports, please submit a ticket via the support community. All Bonterra custom report work will require a statement of work that outlines scope, costs and timeline.

Centralized Email Sending

Centralized Email Sending is email sending provided by Bonterra. This simple email integration allows you to focus on your client’s care instead of worrying about how important emails about their service will get to them.

Site-Based Logos

The ability to upload logos for each Site has been added to the System Administrator setup. If you have multiple organizations using the same Penelope and are separating them by Site, you will be able to upload that logo. Penelope will use your “Logged In Site” to determine which logo to use on Printed Reports and Documents.

Automatically mark messages as reading based on time.

A new setting has been added under “External Communications Setup” called "Mark all messages older than ___ as read". There is a drop-down list of options: off, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks. If a value other than 'off' is selected, as part of the nightly routine, Penelope will mark all unread messages as read that are older than the value chosen in the setting. The age of the message is based on the message date.

The “Help” icon in the left sidebar now goes to the new help site.

The “Help” icon in the left sidebar will now go to the new help site for Penelope.

Feature Fixes

Feature Fixed


Unable to access Report Parameters for certain Billing Reports

An issue where a user would encounter an error when accessing the Report Parameters of the following Billing reports has been fixed.

  • All Receipts/Credit Note List Report

  • Applied Receipts/Credits Detail

  • Debit Note List Report

NDIS Claim Types Resetting to Default when Marking Attendance for an Event.

When marking the Attendance on an Event as “No Show” or “Late Cn; Billed As NoShow” with an NDIS Service Unit in the cart, the NDIS Claim Type was reset to “Direct Service”. This issue has now been fixed and the NDIS Claim Type selected before marking Attendance will remain.

Only sync Events with dates in the future to MS Exchange and MS Graph when updating the Event Site.

Where an Event date was in the past and the Site for the Event was changed, the Event would sync to MS Exchange or MS Graph. This issue has been fixed, only Events with a future date will sync to the user’s calendar in MS Exchange or MS Graph.

Error when attempting to access a Service Event that was booked through “Request an Event” in ClientConnect

When attempting to access a Service Event in Penelope that was booked through “Request an Event” in ClientConnect, the Penelope user would encounter an error. This has now been resolved.

“The Accountable Health Communities Health-Related Social Needs Screening Tool (AHC-HRSN)” Standard Document is missing Assigned Classes.

In the setup of the Standard Document “The Accountable Health Communities Health-Related Social Needs Screening Tool (AHC-HRSN)” adding an “Assigned Class” was missed in the setup. This has now been fixed and it now has “Service File” selected as the “Assigned Class”.

Composite Questions not creating a new line when filling out a Document in Engage and ClientConnect.

When filling out a Document in Engage or ClientConnect where a Composite Question exists, a new line was not being created when a user would start filling out the Composite Question. This has now been fixed and a new line has been added to the Composite Question when an Engage or ClientConnect user starts entering information into a new line.

Unable to upload Client Photo.

In some situations, the size of a Client Photo that had been uploaded covered the “Browse” and “Go” buttons. This issue has now been resolved, the “Browse” and “Go“ buttons will display.

Attachments tab partially open after uploading on the Case.

In some situations, the “Attachments” tab in the right sidebar on the Case page would only partially open after uploading a file. This issue has now been resolved.

“Additional footer information” not displaying special characters in the footer of Engage Emails.

When special characters were entered in the setting “Additional footer information” on Engage setup, the characters would not display correctly in Engage emails. This issue has now been resolved.

“Only Outstanding” filter does not filter results in ClientConnect.

The filter “Only Outstanding” filter on “My Account” under “History” does not out Invoices, Payments, or Credits that did not have an outstanding balance. This has now been resolved, only outstanding balances will display when using this filter.

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