The Estimated Reach, which can be seen in the Reports section, refers to the potential number of unique people who saw a post or story from the campaign.

Based on historical data and market standards, we estimate that:

  • On Twitter and Facebook, published posts are seen by 30% of the influencer's followers.

  • On Youtube, 75% of the video views are unique viewers.

  • On Tiktok, 68% of the video views are unique viewers.

  • On Instagram, the percentage of followers exposed to a post or a story depends on the engagement rate of the influencer. The table below lists the percentages to apply according to the engagement rates. 

For example:  we estimate that the post of an influencer having a 10% ER will be seen by 48% of his/her followers. The story of that same influencer will be seen by 32,50 % of his/her followers.

*Actual reach - which is private data that can be shared by the influencer(s) - can be added manually at anytime on the Reports > Posts section. 

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