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Personalise your Storefront settings
Personalise your Storefront settings

How to set up and personalise your website settings.

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Here is our handy guide to personalising your Storefront Settings. Press the links below to learn more about each option:

  • Pages

Here you can add a page to add content to the site. e.g. an FAQs page.

You can also edit the content on existing pages.

  • Navigation

Navigation allows you to display links to pages on your Online Storefront.

We have already set up both 'Privacy' and 'Terms' as Footer links but you may wish to add more.

Add a Link

Select 'Add a Link' in either the 'Header' or 'Footer' field.

You will be directed to a 'New Header/Footer Link' page, where you are required to fill out the following fields;


This is the title or name of the Page (or other link) that you wish to appear as a Header or Footer on your Storefront (eg. Terms, Home, FAQ's).

What is the link?

We have included some tips to help with this:

  1. If a Stora page type: /pagename (eg. /Terms)

  2. If external link type full URL e.g.

  3. If an email address type:

  4. If a phone number type tel: +44##########

When you are happy select 'Create Link'.

At this stage please feel free to select the eye icon next to the 'Online Store' tab in order to check how your Storefront looks. You can then go back and make any changes you wish.

  • Appearance

Upload your company logo, social sharing image and favicon.

  • Pop-up Form

You can configure a pop up form to capture leads. Learn more here.

  • Contact Details

Update your details for your customer support and social media accounts.

  • Customer Reviews

You have the option here to add in customer reviews you've received to be displayed across your Storefront. Select Add a Review' to add a review. You can also edit existing reviews.

Link reviews from your Homepage

Should you wish for your Customer Reviews to appear on your Home page, Edit your homepage and scroll down until you see 'Customer Reviews'. Here you have the option to turn on customer reviews meaning that they will then be displayed on your Homepage.

You can also add a URL for your customers to read reviews about you on Google or elsewhere.

  • Configuration

Use the Configuration section to configure Storefront mode, customer portal and google tracking ID's.

What is the Custom Snippet?

You can add code here to website header or footer such as a live chat app like Hubspot or Intercom. To do this, send the code on to Stora support via the live chat.

  • Customer Check-In

With this section, you can configure your customer check-in process as desired including the ID verification tool and contract link.

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