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Moving customers across from your existing system
Moving customers across from your existing system

Learn how to move your customers into Stora

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Your migration approach will depend on your business and operating style, but this article will give you a general overview of the process.


Operators have found it useful to email their clients to advise of the change in payment/management system. You may be needing to gather card information from customers so advising them you'll be contact for this is helpful, and you could ask them to call to provide the details as well.

Customer Import Sheet

We can upload customer information into Stora. This is helpful is you have a large number of customers, and will enable you to create subscriptions more quickly. Find out more here.

Moving across payment information

You may be able to securely move customers' payment details across from your existing system to Stripe. Please contact Stripe support for this, and they will investigate if this is possible between the systems. If you are moving payment information across please keep us informed, as we will have some technical updates to do.

Subscription Creation

With the customer data imported you'll be able to select your customers from the drop down when creating their full subscription. The most common approach would be to select the move in date as the date the customer's next payment is due.

You'll need the customers card details at the point of subscription creation.

If you are creating a manual payment subscription such as Bank transfer, cash, cheque or other, the customer will be emailed an invoice on the 'move in' day.

It's important to track customers, and ensure you've cancelled their subscription/payment in your previous system. A simple spreadsheet, marking off the completed customers as you go is ideal.

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