Marketing your online Storefront
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These suggestions should help you enhance your Stora website for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Add a Blog

Adding a blog to your site offers a way of adding additional content. Place it in the footer of your site. Learn how to add a blog.

Update content on your pages

Ensure you've updated the pages on your website and the content describes your business, whilst also containing keywords such as 'Self Storage', 'Secure Self Storage' etc. Incorporate your location through these sections as well. Key pages to update will include your homepage and Site Page. You can also add extra pages as needed.


You can add images at various places through the site. You'll see the browse image option. It may sound obvious but when taking images ensure the facility or unit is looking orderly and clean. You want to present the facility in the best possible way, using clear and concise images.

Add Reviews

You can add reviews to your Stora site. Gaining reviews on your Google business profile is also beneficial for creating consumer trust and helping with ranking in Google searches.

Create/update Google Business Profile

If you haven't created a Google business profile yet, this is a vital thing to do and will get your business onto google maps. You'll be able to post updates, post photos and video, create products and generally help your business rank higher in search results.

Create Social media accounts

Creating social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram etc) is another good way to create more online content and provide information for customers searching for self storage. Advertising services are also available through these platforms.

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