Generate leads with forms

Learn how to use different forms in Stora to get leads and take action.

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With a Stora Storefront you have a variety of forms at your disposal which your website visitors can submit to provide their contact details amongst other data.

When someone who isn't already in your Backoffice system submits a form for the first time, they are created as a Contact, and their form submission data is saved to their contact profile. You'll get notified by email so you know to take action. Every submission is logged so you get full insight into the submissions of each contact.

These various forms can feed into your prospects and deals pipeline.

Below, we've outlined the different forms that can be submitted:

Incomplete booking form

An incomplete booking is someone who submitted your booking form but then didn't provide their payment details. Learn more about dealing with incomplete booking.

Unit type interest form

Any submissions to a unit type whose Storefront status is set to collect leads rather than bookings. This form will show if you've manually set a unit type to collect leads, or it's been set automatically based on your unit type availability thanks to our auto-update Storefront status feature.

Pop-up form

The pop-up form is a configurable tool you can use to capture your visitor's attention at the right moment. Learn how to set up a pop-up form.

Price reveal form

A price reveal submission will occur when you've set a Site to hide prices until contact details have been submitted by the website visitor. Learn more about hiding prices.

Pre-opening form

The pre-opening form appears on your website homepage when you've set your Storefront in Pre-opening mode. Learn more about pre-opening mode.

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