Segments are a great way to group your customers and have tailor-made conversations with them.

BayEngage’s powerful segmentation allows you to group your lists based on multiple criteria and personalize your messages to boost conversions.

What Are The Segmentation Possibilities Available in BayEngage?

You can create, edit, delete and update segments on BayEngage.

You can create Segments based on

  • Subscription status

You can filter out your audiences based on their subscription status - all, subscribed or unsubscribed.

  • Email activity

You can filter your audiences based on their email activity: emails opened, unopened, clicked, and more.

You can further filter this based on the frequency of the opens and clicks and based on the time period.

  • Order activity

You can segment your audiences based on whether or not they have placed an order.

  • Demography

Filter Customers based on where they live. Whether or not they come from a City, State, Country, and more.

Values will be pre-populated from the customers’ data. You can also search and add new values.

How To Create Segments on BayEngage?

  1. Login to your BayEngage account and click on Lists & Segments. Next click on the “Create Lists & Segments” button.

2. Click on the “Segment” option.

3. Next, give your Segment a name.

You can set up a segment by filtering your audience based on various criteria (as discussed above). Once you are done with the setup, click on “Save & Continue”

4. You can also edit your segment whenever you want.

Examples of Segments

Frequent purchaser

Segment: Placed order

Period: within 6 months

Frequency: 3 times or more

Placed order from Campaign

Segment: Placed order

Period: 3-6 months

Frequent: at least once

Campaign filter: any campaign

Win-Back Opportunities

Segment: Placed order

Period: overall

Frequent: at least once


Segment: Placed order

Period: in the last 180days

Frequent: zero

Campaign Active Customers

Segment: Campaign activity

Filter: Email opened

Period: in the last 180 days

Frequent: 3 times or more

Campaign filter: any campaign

Customer Demographic

Segment: City

Filter: Is

City: Marietta


Segment: City

Filter: Is

City: Athens


Segment: State

Filter: Is

City: Georgia

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