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PayPal Online Payments - How it Works
PayPal Online Payments - How it Works

Learn how PayPal payments work in Teach 'n Go

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Enabling PayPal or credit card payments through PayPal in Teach 'n Go facilitates efficient management of school payments, saving time and effort otherwise spent on manual recording and processing.

PayPal Charges

Each PayPal payment incurs associated charges, details of which can be found on the PayPal website.

โ€‹Teach 'n Go will not receive any part of the payment. This service is provided at no extra charge.

Once PayPal payments are enabled, students and parents will see a "Pay Now" button for overdue payments in the overdue payments section of the student/parent portal.

Upon clicking this button, users are directed to the New Payment page to select the overdue payments they wish to settle. Only selected items will be charged and marked as paid post-payment.

Users proceed to the PayPal checkout to complete the payment using either a PayPal login or just a credit card.

After payment, users are redirected to the portal, where a success message appears.

Both the customer and the school receive a PayPal email confirmation, with Teach 'n Go providing a receipt viewable to both parties.

Learn more about setting up PayPal payments here.

You and the customer will receive a PayPal email notification to confirm the payment. In Teach 'n Go, the customer and the school can both view the Teach 'n Go receipt.

Learn about how to set up PayPal payments here.

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