When and How to Archive a Child Profile

Archiving Child Profiles

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When to Archive a Child Profile

Please read the article in full for key points on archiving and reporting for attendance.

TeachKloud gives you the option to archive child profiles. Archiving child profiles may be useful in the following instances:

  1. A child has graduated but you would still like parents to have access to any records that were shared with them

  2. A child has graduated but you would still like to access all of their records for inspection // compliance purposes

  3. A child will be leaving for longer than 1 month but will return

Note: If you delete a child profile, this will remove any records associated with that child

How to Archive a Child Profile

Using the web interface:

  1. Using the navigation bar to the left of your screen, select, Children > List of Children

  2. Select the the three grey dots, select Archive Child

How to View Your Archive List or Unarchive a Child Profile

  1. Using the navigation bar to the left of your screen, select, Children > List of Children

  2. Select the last option, Archive List

  3. Select the three grey dot’s [right of your screen] of the child you would like to unarchive

  4. Select Unarchive Child

How it works: Archived Children and Insights Reporting

This is relevant to attendance insights reports:

  • Insights Section Functionality:

    • The insights section is designed to show children who are scheduled for the selected date.

    • This includes all children with an attendance schedule for that day.

  • Archived Children in Reports:

    • An archived child with future attendance schedules will appear in the insights report.

    • Example Case: A child archived in 2022 with schedules set for 2023 will be visible in the insights for those dates if the 'include archived children' button is and a date the child was scheduled for is selected

  • Managing Archived Children:

    • To prevent archived children from appearing in future reports (on dates after they have left or graduated), their attendance schedules should be updated.

    • Options for managing this include:

    • Attendance Schedule Review: Regularly review and update attendance schedules to ensure they reflect current attendance up to the child’s last day.

However, if you find that children were archived but still had attendance schedules for after the date of archiving and want to remedy this:

  • Unarchiving and Updating Schedules: Unarchive the child, adjust or remove their future attendance schedules, and then re-archive.

  • Download and Edit Reports: Download the attendance schedule as an Excel sheet, remove archived children, and use this for accurate, up-to-date reporting. However, we do recommend that schedules are up to date on TeachKloud, so downloaded reports can immediately reflect accurate data.

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