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Add rosters and timesheets for staff

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Key Terms

Roster management enables you to add work schedules for your "Educators" and "Other Staff." It also enables you to restrict staff access to the TeachKloud app to their working hours.

  1. Educators: have access to the TeachKloud Mobile App. Staff can check in and out of shifts, add breaks and absences via the TeachKloud mobile app.

  2. Other Staff: do not need access to the mobile app. For example, you may want to add a roster for administrative staff, download / print this to share. If a staff member is added under Other Staff but then needs to be invited to use the app, they will first need to be removed from Other Staff.

Using the roster management feature, you can add everything from cover shifts, schedules, absences, ratio prompts and holidays! Watch the videos below to see rosters in action or scroll past the videos to read the help text.

Creating and Managing Rosters

Staff Clock in

Add a Roster

  1. Select Roster > Roster Management using the navigation bar [see demo video below]

  2. Tap on any teacher to add schedules, breaks or holidays

  3. You can select multiple teachers, add work schedules/timesheets and breaks in one step (see screenshot below). After saving, you can always add multiple breaks or schedules at once by selecting 'add schedules' in the top right hand corner of your screen.

  4. After adding a roster, teachers can check in and out, add breaks and review their schedules using the TeachKloud: Childcare App. Watch how to do so here here.

Optional - Adding Multiple Staff Shifts // Edit & Deleting Rosters

  1. Learn how to edit or delete a roster here

  2. Learn how to add multiple shifts (or sessions) to a staff roster, for example, Staff A works in Session 1 from 9-11 and Session 2 from 11-1. Watch here.

Add Cover Shifts

  1. Select Roster Management

  2. Select 'add schedule' in the top right hand corner

  3. Select the room, start and end time and calendar dates

  4. Select the relevant dates and select 'cover'

  5. Select the staff member who is doing this cover shift

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