Special Attention and Allergies

Add special attention and/or allergy notes to notify staff whenever adding a record such as meals or nappies. List of allergies.

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Once added, special attention and allergies are stored on the child's profile. Staff are prompted to view these notes when adding records such as meals. Special attention and allergies can be added on the school interface (by admin) in the special attention and allergies or on the TeachKloud: Childcare app > child profiles > special attention and allergies.

School Interface: Special Attention and Allergies

  1. Log into the school interface

  2. Select special attention and allergies, using the navigation menu (bottom, left-hand corner)

  3. Select 'add new' next to the relevant child

  4. To edit or delete, select the three grey dots (right-hand corner)

TeachKloud: Childcare App: Special Attention and Allergies

Once added, staff using the app will be notified via the TeachKloud: Childcare App. Anytime records such as, meals or nappies are added, a prompt to view special attention or allergies will be shown (see screenshot below).

Special attention and allergies can also be added using the app. Log into the app, select the last button on the bottom right-hand corner (to navigate to the main dashboard) > child profiles > the relevant child profile > special attention and allergies (bottom of screen)

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