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About project approval

Find out about project approval on the Tended Dashboard

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Once a project with safe zones has been created in the Dashboard, an assigned person from your organisation must check and approve it before the project/sites can be started.

This process should fit seamlessly into your safe systems of work and provide an extra layer of reassurance that your safe work site is planned in line with your safe work pack. Once the project has been approved you'll see the "Project approved" check box is ticked and the project is ready to be started.

Please note: you cannot start a project, or sites within a project, before it has been approved.

Project approval checklist

✅ Accuracy of safe zones

✅ All controls consistent with the safe work pack

✅ Locations on planned assets

✅ Any changes to the safe work pack incorporated

✅ Project/site dates and times

✅ All other organisation-specific checks

Please note: a project will need to be reapproved if any changes are made after the initial approval.

Who can approve a project?

Your organisation should assign a responsible person to approve projects on the Dashboard.

Employees with the following default Dashboard permissions can approve a project:

  • Super admin

  • Planner

  • Site manager

💡 Tended tip: create a custom role with "Review project" permission and assign this to employees who can approve projects.

Any questions or issues?

We're here to help! Simply pop us an at email, WhatsApp us on 07713682625 or drop us a message via live chat from the blue bubble in the corner of this page or within the Dashboard 😊

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