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2021 Q1 - Release Notes
2021 Q1 - Release Notes
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  • Many UI/UX improvements for the iOS (iPhone and iPad) applications

  • Offline UI improvements for TetherBox for when you need to access footage without an internet connection.


  • Added a compatible cameras list, allowing you to check if the manufacturer/model is tested with TetherX (note even if the model is not listed, please check with us as the camera is quite likely to be compatible):

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with analytics not being received from some Hikvision cameras.



  • Audio Challenge:

    • Ability to play pre-recorded messages: siren, test beep

    • Ability to speak directly to a person on site (push to talk)

Small Improvements:

  • Improved design for confirmation dialogues

Bug fixes

  • Display correct icon and label for events that do not have a camera cloud subscription


  • Audio Challenge Link

  • Supported Cameras Link

  • Enabling ONVIF on cameras Link


  • Devices/users from our demo timeline are no longer added to the integrator report.


Small improvements

  • Live view should load a lot faster on sites with many cameras

  • Users can no longer set an expiry date for themselves

Integrator only

  • You will now receive an automated pre-billing report at the beginning of the month. This gives you until the second Monday to make any changes to your subscriptions before we send an invoice.

  • The Subscriptions page (Admin > Subscriptions) now shows what will be on your next invoice and what will renew in the next 3 months:


  • TetherBox Troubleshooting Login Link



  • Support more than 5 columns of events on larger screens:

  • Administrators can now switch off notifications of logins to their sites:

  • Events are highlighted in amber or red if they are coming from a compatible alarm panel, or if generated by analytics of an armed camera.

Small improvements

  • Display a warning If a camera is armed, but the location is disarmed:

  • Fix issue with the map being too zoomed out by default

  • Change event thumbnails to fill instead of fit by default

  • Improved analytics alert emails:

    • Added additional images to alert emails

    • Improved description of what triggered the alert:

  • Display only active zones in live view instead of everything

  • On the events page, display a "select circle" allowing you to add/remove events from the selection:

Bug Fixes

  • Display correct snapshot state status for the camera in "Monitor only mode"

  • Small UI fixes:

    • Display correct events opacity when searching for "closed" events

    • Fixed an issue where a blank screen was displayed when deleting or closing all events

  • Fixed issue of PTZ controls not displaying after changing a preset

  • Fixed issue with UI not rendering correctly with H265 in live view

  • Fixed issue with duplicate cameras displaying in live view when there are just 2 cameras in total

  • Fixed the "Check Password" button for DVRs

  • Fixed delete user button on users page when a user has only one timeline

  • Handle faulty external drives better

Integrator only

  • Documentation:

    • Improved Local Streaming Troubleshooting Page Link

    • Updated Mobotix documentation Link

    • Documented how to use a checksum to verify video Link

    • Created a new page with mass deployment tips Link

    • Updated 2-factor Authentication Instructions Link

  • Improved partners page on the site:

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