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Rock Slams:

A Rock Slam allows a pupil to challenge someone else in their class, year group or school, by setting a time for them to beat. Then, when the challengee logs in, they'll be able to play against the challenger's 'ghost' in a head-to-head Rock Slam!

Please go to Online > Tournaments > Rock Slams to enable/disable Rock Slams, set restrictions or to see your pupils' challenges. Rock Slams are only available between two pupils (not teachers). 

Battle of the Bands:

A Battle of the Bands is a fun way to get two groups of pupils competing against each other!

You choose which two "Bands" you want to compete against each other*, then set when you want the Battle to commence and when you want it to finish. During those times, pupils can play in any game type and, at the end, the team with the most correct answers is the winner.

* You can compete:

  • Maths Class vs Maths Class
  • Pastoral Class vs Pastoral Class
  • Year group vs year group
  • Girls vs Boys, in the same Class
  • Girls vs Boys, in the same year group
  • Teacher vs Pupils

Please go to Online > Tournaments > Battle of the Bands to view or edit your school's existing Battles. To schedule a new Battle, click the New Battle button.

Following a Battle you can print auto-populated certificates for the three highest contributing pupils in each Band. Go to Online > Tournaments > Battle of the Bands > Completed and click View, next to the Battle's name. Download certificates for the most valuable players by pressing the Download MVP Certificates button.

Live Competitions:

You can use the Arena game mode, together with Pastoral Classes, to hold an exciting, head-to-head competition between your fastest pupils. Find out how you can host your own, live, Rock-Wrangle-style competition:


Top of the Rocks:

Top of the Rocks is a bit like a giant Battle of the Bands, but between all the classes in a group of affiliated or neighbouring schools.

As a teacher, you can create a group of schools who'll be able to compete against each other. The Chief Band Manager at each of the other schools will choose to either accept or decline your invitation to join the group. You'll then be able to hold Top of the Rocks competitions between all the Classes in your multi-school group. The Class with the most correct answers per person at the end will win. 

You'll be able to download certificates for Classes and individual pupils in your school.

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