When building a quote or itinerary in Travefy you have multiple ways to add information. This article covers different ways you can add information like Flights, Lodging, Cruises,etc... to an itinerary. 

  1. How to use the Quick-Add Tool.

  2. How to drag and drop items from your Library to an itinerary.

  3. Can I Attach A File Or PDF To My Itinerary

  4. How you can add photos to an itinerary.

  5. How to setup ClientBase integration and import ResCards.

  6. How to add general trip information

  7. How to import booking confirmation emails. 

There are multiple ways to add information to an itinerary. We hope this articles helps give you quick access to the different ways to add information. If we are missing something that you would like presented on this article, let us know!

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