Triib messaging is a powerful tool that allows you to send one way communications via Email, Text and/or in-app Mobile Messaging, ability to send automated emails/notifications, send newsletters and connect your active member list to MailChimp. 

Through Triib messaging, you have the ability to message one person, a group of people or future/past class attendees. You can send send a text, email and in-app message with the same message with one click called Multi-Channel Messaging or simply compose either an email, text or in-app message. It's your choice!

To learn more about how to use messaging, click on the below topic: 

Multi-Channel Messaging:  How to send email, text, app with the same message.  
Send an Email:  How to send emails to a group or individual.
Send a Text Message: How to send text messages to a group or individual.
Send an APP Message: How to send APP Messages to a group or individual.
Automated Emails & Alerts: Learn how to set up Automated Emails & Alerts.
MailChimp Connection:  Learn how to connect MailChimp to Triib
Email History: Find out how to search your email history. 

Learn more about other Member Communications

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