How to use Design General Settings

Design General Settings offers the ability to add additional links to a member's online TRIIB profile

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When you add a member to your Triib site, in addition to mobile app access, they will gain access to their online profile. Design General Settings offers the ability to add additional links to a member's online TRIIB profile so that they can RSVP for classes, view events, purchase memberships or drop-ins, etc. directly from their profile. If you are interested in learning how to set these up, follow along below!

If you are on a TRIIB Premium Subscription, recommendations for these settings are outlined in the Premium Set Up Tutorial.

How to Add Links:

Step One: Go to Design Settings > Design General Settings

While the ability to create a Triib website is restricted to Premium subscriptions, all accounts (regardless of subscription level) have access to the following Design General Settings:

  • Schedule

  • Online Sign Up

  • Contact

  • Free Trial

  • Drop-In

  • Events

  • Footer

Step Two: Upload your logo!

Step Three: Check off the boxes next to the tabs you would like enabled on member profiles.

While all of these pages are optional, we recommend checking off 3 pages (at minimum): Sign Up, Schedule, and Events

Sign Up: Members that plans have expired can easily sign up for a pass/plan that is available for sale online through the Sign-Up link from their member profile page. If you offer Drop-Ins and Free Trials, we suggest selecting those pages as well.

Schedule: This especially comes in handy for parents who have connected child accounts. If the schedule page is enabled, the parent can access the schedule to RSVP their child directly from their online profile.

Events: If you plan on hosting any events (i.e. challenges, seminars, or competitions), we highly recommend enabling the event tab on your member's profiles!

Need to embed public pages into your website?

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