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When do I collect cash on TryNow orders?
Updated over a week ago

In Shopify, the TryNow purchase option delays the customer's payment until they have had a chance to receive their order, trial the products, decide what to keep, and return items they don't want. This means that for any items marked with the TryNow purchase option, you will not collect the cash until several days after the order is placed. This period can vary based on a number of factors:

  1. Time to fulfill the order

  2. Shipping time

  3. Length of trial (you can control this in your Merchant Portal settings)

  4. Return shipping time

  5. Time to process returns

Additionally, you may have shoppers who create "mixed carts," or carts with both standard and TryNow purchase options enabled. This means that you may collect cash at two different times for one order: upfront for standard items, and on a delayed basis for TryNow items.

Keep in mind: TryNow helps you to place an authorization hold on customers' cards at the time of checkout, so you know the funds are reserved and the order is safe when the customer decides to keep items at the end of the trial.

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