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What is a Mixed Cart?
Updated over a week ago

A Mixed Cart occurs when a shopper checks out with both ‘TryNow’ and ‘Buy Now’ items.

To create an ideal and intuitive shopping experience, the shopper will be charged for Buy Now items when the order is placed and will be charged for kept TryNow items at the end of the trial period.

A shopper's cart will look like the following upon checkout:

In Shopify Admin, you will see Try Before You Buy will appear under the TryNow item.

TryNow will charge for the Buy Now items when the order is placed or fulfilled and authorize for the TryNow items. As such, the shopper is likely to see multiple transactions on their credit card statement - a charge and an active authorization. We recommend using the order details section in the TryNow Merchant Portal to confirm what the shopper has been authorized for as part of their trial.

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