How do I fulfill a TBYB order?
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Order Fulfillment

Generally, fulfilling a TryNow order works the same way as when fulfilling a regular order. If you work with a third-party logistics provider or have a warehouse management solution, orders will flow into your system in the same way as your standard orders. The only difference is the payment status will either be Authorized or Partially Paid. If you fulfill your items manually, the steps are also the same and as outlined below.

TryNow orders will show up in the Orders page with the TryNow tag.

Step 1: Click on the order from the Orders page to get to the Order Details page. Click on the “Fulfill item” button.

Step 2: Fill out the needed details, such as the tracking number or shipping carrier. Select whether you would like to notify the customer of the shipment details. Click on the “Fulfill item” button.

The order status will now change to Fulfilled.

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