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How to gate TryNow access to specific users with TryLinks
How to gate TryNow access to specific users with TryLinks

Create TryNow entry points with TryLinks

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By default, the TryNow purchase option is hidden from all public web visitors. For your shoppers to be able to view the purchase option, you will need to create TryLinks.

What are TryLinks?

TryLinks serve as the foundation of your Try Before You Buy program, enabling you to create high-performing TryNow experiences that supercharge your marketing strategies. With TryLinks, you can effortlessly guide shoppers toward immersive trial experiences with a single TryNow call-to-action on the product detail page.

Creating a TryLink is simple. Just paste a URL into our link generator, name the link, and share that Marketing Link with your shoppers. You can create as many TryLinks as you want with a few clicks of a button!

Check out the image below to see the shoper journey. Should a shopper decide to buy instead of try, a quick toggle-off of the Try Before You Buy option seamlessly exits the experience.

A user's view of a product detail page when entering through a TryNow Marketing Link.

TryLinks serve as the foundation of your Try Before You Buy program! These entry points drive sales and delight shoppers.

What are the benefits of TryLinks?

  • Optimized conversion since a single TryNow button significantly outperforms two buttons on a product detail page

  • Gain control over your program by showing TryNow to select segments while hiding TryNow from others

  • Start small with targeted solutions such as browser abandonment, cart abandonment, retargeting ads, VIP customers, customers who reached out through customer support channels, and many other options!

  • Expand the program gradually by increasing the number of solutions you implement

How should I use TryLinks?

We recommend starting small and expanding the program from there. By default, your TryNow components will be hidden from public web visitors, which means that the only way shoppers will see TryNow is through TryLinks.

Here are some solutions to get the ideas flowing. Pick a few that resonate most with you to get started!




Customer Experience

Delight shoppers (CSAT) to drive sales (CLTV).

  • CX responses include TryLink

  • CX representatives add TryLink to email signature

Email + SMS

Improve acquisition and retention in owned channels.

  • Cart and browser abandonment

  • Welcome flow

  • Product launches

  • Win-back campaigns

  • Header/footer


Drive on-site conversion by reducing friction.

  • TryNow landing page linked in main navigation

  • On-site entry points to Try Before You Buy (homepage blocks, main navigation, collection blocks, PDP hyperlinked text)


Improve ROAS and CAC.

  • Retargeting

  • Prospecting for higher intent audiences

Steps to using TryLinks

Step 1: Ensure you have already installed the TryNow app embed and app block. Read more here.

Step 2: In the TryNow Merchant Portal > Navigate to the "Features" tab > TryLinks

Step 3: Click "Add Link". Your store's domain is pre-populated. From there you need to add /collection or /pages or even just a / if you'd like your TryLink to create a home page. This will create a page that your shoppers to land to enter the TryNow experience. Lastly, name your link.

Note: The name of your link can be based on the solution you're using it for (campaigns, use case, etc.). Example link names: customer experience associates, Meta, Klaviyo.

Step 4: Click the copy link icon and then paste the TryLink in your browser and confirm you see a single TryNow button with a toggle beneath.

Note: if your toggle is right-aligned, you can easily align it left by navigating to your product template in Shopify and pasting the following code into the custom CSS section:

[data-block-handle="trynow-cta-button"] > div { justify-content: flex-start !important; }

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