Using TryNow in Cart Abandonment Emails
Updated over a week ago

When shoppers abandon their carts, you can offer Try Before You Buy as a way to convert these shoppers. Our Convert Cart feature takes a shopper's existing cart with regular buy now items and converts the TryNow-eligible items into Try Before You Buy items. In these cart abandonment emails, you can use copy like "Your Cart, At Home", "Try Before You Buy", or "7 Days to Try."

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Create a TryLink of your cart page. In Merchant Portal, navigate to TryLinks under Features. Click on the "Add Link" button. Enter in "/cart" for the URL and check the checkbox for the Convert Cart feature.

Note: at this time, this feature is only compatible if you make a TryLink out of your "/cart" page. It will not be compatible with a "/checkout" page.

Step 2: You can test out the experience. Add a TryNow-eligible item to your cart as buy now. Click on the cart TryLink that you just created in Merchant Portal. After a second, you should see the Try Before You Buy purchase option added to the abandoned item(s) in your existing cart.

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