Cart Abandonment Email
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When shoppers abandon their carts, you can offer Try Before You Buy as a way to convert these shoppers. Our Convert Cart feature takes a shopper's existing cart with regular buy-now items and converts the TryNow-eligible items into Try Before You Buy items. In these cart abandonment emails, you can use copy like "Your Cart, At Home", "Try Before You Buy", or "7 Days to Try."

Shoppers browsing online add a few items to their cart, but they abandon their cart (they don't want to spend the money, are not quite sure, want to think about it a bit more, etc.). Shoppers then receive an email with the offer to Try Before They Buy. Shoppers click "return to cart," and then see a TryNow cart with all of the items that were in their cart before, now priced at $0 today.


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