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Finding Cleaners on Turno's Marketplace as a Host
Finding Cleaners on Turno's Marketplace as a Host

Tips and answers about Turno's marketplace for hosts

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Turno's marketplace is the best option to find and connect with new cleaners in your area and much more. Here's everything you need to know about how to use it. 🚀

Starting a Cleaner Search

The first step in order to find new cleaners on our marketplace is to start a Cleaner Search. On a Cleaner Search, you select a property and our system sends your offer to cleaners that signed up to Turno's marketplace in your area. These cleaners receive your offer and are able to place bids, which you can accept in order to add the cleaners to your team.

Although it's not possible to select more than one property for each Cleaner Search, you can add cleaners to as many properties as you like after you accept their bid. You can also have an unlimited number of searches open at the same time.

⚠️ Keep in mind that a Cleaner Search is not related to a specific cleaning project, but rather it's the start of your business relationship with the cleaner – once you accept a bid and enable the cleaner on a property, they will be able to start receiving projects from you.

You can read more about opening searches in this article:

📽️ What You’ll Find After Your First Search

Here's a 5-minute video that will show you everything you need to know about setting up to connect with your first cleaner using the Turno marketplace!

Chatting with a cleaner

After you receive a bid, you're able to see its details, contact the cleaner, and check their profile.

You can start a conversation with any cleaner through our platform chat. At this point, you can ask the cleaner some questions regarding their availability, their work procedures, whether they work alone or with a team, as well as let them know about your preferences and requirements. All cleaners on our marketplace are independent contractors, so you can find the ones that fit the most into what you are looking for!

We encourage all hosts and cleaners to keep communicating within the app after the bid is accepted to ensure safe relationships and records of your connection. Keep in mind that it's also against our terms of service to share any kind of personally identifiable information (such as company names, last names, phone numbers, emails, websites, and addresses) with a cleaner at this stage.

We recommend that you always keep an eye on your notifications so you don't miss any messages from your cleaners, avoiding misunderstandings and improving your business relationship with them – communication is key! 🗝️

Adding a cleaner to your team

In order to accept a bid, you need to have both a payment method set up and a calendar linked to your property. Accepting a bid means that the cleaner is now part of your team and can be enabled on your properties in order to start receiving projects from you.

The bid price is the rate the cleaner will have on your property. You don't pay the cleaner the moment you accept their bid, and will only be charged when they mark cleaning projects as complete. Their rate is the price of the projects they will be assigned to, but you can always change it later.

Bids expire after 48 hours if you don't accept them, but don't worry, you can always contact our Customer Support team and ask us to retrieve them for you. We'll be happy to do so!

If you're all set and already accepted the terms of our marketplace, you can feel free to start building your team of cleaners! ✨

For more detailed information regarding this topic, refer to this article:

I accepted a bid, what's next?

Now that you have accepted the bid, you still need to enable the cleaner to the property so they can start receiving the project requests. Once that's done and you have your calendar linked to your property on Turno, you can sit back and let our system do the hard work for you. 💪

Turno will automatically sync with your reservations and add them to your schedule, creating a cleaning project for each reservation. The project will then be sent to the cleaners assigned to that particular property, and they will receive the project request.

You can check more detailed information on this topic by checking this article:

A quick look at some more Turno features.

As mentioned before, we are here to make your life easier when dealing with your properties so it's always good to have in mind that Turno is not just a matchmaker: we also have automation tools that will help you manage and grow your business.

You can personalize checklists for each one of your properties according to what they need (or use one of the templates from our popular checklists list), so your cleaners can leave the property spot on. And they can also add pictures to the items to register that everything in your property is just like you want it. 📸

Recently, in partnership with Airbnb, we released our Quality Center, a feature that is available for Airbnb operators and helps hosts improve their services by gathering the cleanliness ratings and reviews of their guests. If you have your Turno account integrated with Airbnb, feel free to check this article for more information about how to access the Quality Center and enhance your overall experience on our platform:

Make sure to check out more related articles here to be up to speed with all of Turno's features and how to use them. But if you still have any questions, you can contact our 24/7 Customer Support Chat and we will be more than happy to assist you! 💫

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