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Can You Pay Me Another Way?
Can You Pay Me Another Way?

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No, unfortunately, we cannot. As Twirl expands globally, paying international talent becomes a critical need for companies of all sizes.

After careful consideration of various payment partners and processes, we have found that Lumanu best meets our needs. While it's not perfect, we regularly share feedback with their team to improve the system.

Why Lumanu?

  • Lumanu facilitates international payments without the hassle associated with banks, wire transfer services, and payment platforms.

  • Traditional methods often incur a variety of bank fees for both sending and receiving international payments, adding unnecessary complexity to payouts.

  • We pay in USD, but Lumanu allows automatic conversion to the currency of your choice. Their exchange rates are 3-9x less expensive than those for bank wires or PayPal.

Exceptions: While we generally use Lumanu, we can make exceptions in a few cases. If you wish to be compensated via a different payment method, please reach out to us before accepting a project. You'll then need to send us an invoice upon project sign-off, and we'll aim to make the payment within 30 days. Please note that this extended timeframe is due to the additional time taken for payments outside our usual operations, and you are responsible for any fees incurred by the desired payment partner.

Exceptions have only applied to one type of case: when a creator is new to Twirl and hesitant to collaborate due to the new payment method. If the brand insists on working with this creator, we will accommodate to ensure the project flows smoothly.

Hesitation About a New Payment Platform: If you are hesitant about using a new payment platform, we understand it may be daunting. Refer to our other articles about how to use Lumanu to learn how it can streamline your entire payment workflow with all clients, including those off Twirl.

Suggestions: If you have any suggestions or know of other up-and-coming payment partners, we are open to hearing your thoughts. Your feedback is valuable in enhancing our payment processes.

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