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You Do Not Need To Send Us An Invoice.
You Do Not Need To Send Us An Invoice.

Payment, Lumanu

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No Manual Invoices Required: You do not need to send us a manual invoice. Our payment system is integrated with Lumanu, and when the client approves the content, our system automatically generates a payout on Lumanu's end. Lumanu's software then works to create an invoice on your behalf.

Account Verification: Ensure your account is active and fully verified to facilitate the approval and payment process. Manual invoices sent via Lumanu are flagged in our system and will be deleted.

Tracking Invoices: You can conveniently track all invoices through Lumanu for your tax purposes. Twirl ensures timely payment of invoices by the deadline set by Lumanu. If there are any issues, we will communicate them in advance, keeping you informed.

Payment Deadline Assurance: While there is no late fee for missed payment deadlines due to factors beyond our control, we sincerely apologise if such instances occur. We maintain constant communication with Lumanu to address any backend issues promptly. Your understanding is greatly appreciated in such cases.

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