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Can A Brand Whitelist My UGC Content?
Can A Brand Whitelist My UGC Content?

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We now offer whitelisting, where you, as a creator, post the UGC on your public social profile, and the brand boosts it as an ad. In most cases, the number of followers you have is not a significant factor.

Brands will explicitly mention in the project brief if whitelisting is part of the campaign. If there are specific follower requirements, the brief will instruct you to share this information when applying to enhance your chances.

For whitelisting, you will receive a separate payment from the project payout. This will be processed separately via Lumanu, offering £100 for one post (on TikTok and/or Instagram), and the ad will run for 30 days only.

How It Works:

  1. You complete the content creation project as normal, and get paid for it via Lumanu

  2. Twirl will reach out to you re: Whitelisting, confirming the following:

    1. which social profile to post on (e.g. TikTok and/or Instagram)

    2. any caption & hashtag suggestions

    3. date and time for posting

  3. Brief Info for each type of whitelisting:

    1. If posting on TikTok, you will need to share a Spark code and turn on advertising features.

    2. If posting on Instagram, you will need to add the brand as a collaborator

    3. If whitelisting via Meta, you need to create a Facebook Ads Manager account and share access to your 'likeness' for the brand to run the ad on your behalf

  4. Once the ad is running, the payout will be made via Lumanu.

After 30 days, you may delete the post. You are welcome to keep the post up, but the brand is no longer allowed to run it as an ad.

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