Auto-assign training best practices

Our top tips when it comes to setting up your training to automatically assign.

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How do I auto-assign training?

You can auto-assign training to a specific Job role, Group or Venue, or Team. You can not auto-assign training when you select one or more individual members as your audience.

To auto-assign training, make sure to check the Automatically assign new members checkbox on Step 5 of the Assign training process.

When should I use auto-assign?

We don't recommend you use auto-assign for every training item!

Instead, we recommend using auto-assign when the content you are assigning is essential for new members added to your account. For example, many Typsy users switch on auto-assign for onboarding training, welcome to the company messages for new hires, introductions to the Executive team for new hires, setting expectations with respect to guest interactions or service, or occupational health and safety to name a few.

Our top do's and don'ts

Do: Use auto-assign for onboarding training, so that new members receive this right away.

Do: Archive the training when you are ready for it to stop auto-assigning.

Don't: Set a due date, as this date may have already passed when the member is added to your account.

Don't: Use auto-assign for every training item you ever send out, as new team members added to your account may be overwhelmed with the amount of training assigned to them at the start of their Typsy journey.

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