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What happens when I bring a deal as a scout?
What happens when I bring a deal as a scout?
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When you submit an investment opportunity as a scout, we do the following:

  1. We do our own screening to see if the target asset is investable. This may include reaching out to founders and asking for additional materials;

  2. If it meets our criteria, we show the opportunity to deal leads out of our network β€” VCs, syndicate leads and super angels; And we make intros for those interested in having a chat with the founders;

  3. Anyone (including us) may decide to lead the deal on the platform. The deal lead has to appoint the original scout as a "deal partner" with a 5% carry share.

While we cannot completely rule out the possibility of opportunistic behavior on the part of potential leads, be sure that tire kickers get spotted and eliminated from the program forever.

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