Q: After the sync between Condo Manager and Usewalter, not all my residents show up on the Usewalter platform.

A: When Usewalter syncs with Condo Managers resident list, it detects the email and phone number list one by one. This means that a resident that is sharing the same email or phone number as another, will not be created.

Example: John Doe and Jane Doe live together in unit 101. In Condo Manager, both have the same email (doefamily@mail.com). When doing the sync, Usewalter will scan all residents one by one.

  1. Name: John Doe - email: doefamily@mail.com

  2. Name: Jane Doe - email: doefamily@mail.com

In this case, John Doe will be created because before him, no one else had the same email. When arriving at Jane Doe - Usewalter will recognize that already another account has been created with the email and will simply not import the data for Jane Doe

Solution - Make sure that every resident have a unique email address!

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