Q: I have correctly entered a residents name in Condo Manager but after the sync, his name does not appear the same in my Walter Manager. Why?

A: It is possible that the resident is the owner of another Unit in another Property Management Comapny. If this is the case, there is 2 reasons why the name will not appear the same.

  • The account in the other Property Management Company has the same email but with a different name.

    In example: John Doe is the Owner of 2 Units in 2 different Property Management Companies. He has the same email in both Condo Manager accounts. In Gestion A, his name is written correctly (John Doe). In Gestion B, his name is written wrong (Jon Doe).

  • When Walter syncs, it does one Property Management Company at a time. The Walter sync populates according to the email. If Gestion B is synced after Gestion A, the name in Gestion A will change to the name of the last email that was synced, the one from Gestion B.

    Basically, the account name will be synced accordingly to the last company that was synced by Walter. The last sync will override the first and change the name in all Companies.

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