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Split invoices with the Split Tool
Split invoices with the Split Tool

Split a single file into multiple invoices

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The Split tool is used to separate a single document into multiple.

Video Walkthrough:

Access the Split Tool:

  1. Select the invoice to split

  2. In the Document Viewer, open the "Edit" menu and select "Split"

Using the Split Tool

Document thumbnails are on the left, and clicking them advances to that page. Otherwise, scroll the pages on the right, and click in between pages to split the document, creating a Seam.

As you split the document, the thumbnails on the left will update to show the documents that will be created.

To perform the split action, click the Save button found at the top right of the image viewer.

Once you’ve placed a Seam, you’ll see a box denoting the end of a document on a left. On the right are buttons to:

  • Shift the Seam up a page

  • Shift the Seam down a page

  • Remove the Seam

If a Seam is shifted into another Seam, then it will be removed.

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