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Sync: Automatic and On-demand

How does information sync into from connected systems?

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Syncing is the process by which your masterdata - your vendors, GL accounts, dimensions and more - stay up to date in syncs vendors, GL accounts, and dimensions generally once a day.

Just added a new vendor or GL account in your connected system? Don't sweat it, you can sync on-demand via the Sync button to trigger an immediate refresh of that data.

Some integrations, generally those using the Export function, do not support on-demand syncing but instead rely on scheduled updates


  1. Log in and navigate to the Invoices tab.

  2. Click the Action Button - the green button in the bottom-left of the app.

  3. Click the Sync button.

    1. Close the confirmation popup that appears informing you a sync has been triggered.

Note: This can take between a few minutes to a couple of hours to sync, depending on when the connected system makes the data available to and their bandwidth constraints.

Invoices are brought into the system by email ingestion or direct file upload. A sync does NOT bring invoices into

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