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Mobile App: Overview
Mobile App: Overview

Introduction and Overview to the mobile app

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Welcome to the Help Center Guide for's mobile app. All main pages, as well as the different screen commands that are available in-app are explained below.

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Screen Commands

  • Right-swipe: Approve, Navigate previous bills and approval history

  • Left-swipe: Reject, Navigate previous bills and approval history

  • Tap: Learn more or interact

  • Tap & Drag: Resize document on Approval Details page

  • Long Press: Unassign/Reassign Approval Responsibility on Approval page

  • Drag-down: Refresh


The overview page has three components for approvals awaiting your attention.

Actions On Page:

  • Tap Client Selector: Switch between clients

  • Tap Menu: Access other mobile pages

  • Approvals - Selected Entity: Number of approvals for the selected entity

  • Tap Other Approvals: Select anther entity, sorted from most to fewest approvals, that has invoices awaiting your approval


The profile page allows you to see profile attributes and change user preferences.

Actions On Page:

  • Tap Picture: Add or update your image

  • Tap Name: Edit your name

  • Tap Language: Change the language of the app

  • Tap Approval Notifications: Setup email notifications for invoices requiring your approval.

  • Tap Log out: Log out of the mobile app

Tech Support & App Tour

Accessed via the Menu button, these sections are here to help you with the mobile app!

Tech Support: Allows you to chat with support
โ€‹App Tour: A virtual tour of the mobile app, that will show you how to use the app; essentially the same as if you had read this article!

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