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Mobile App: Scanning Invoices
Mobile App: Scanning Invoices

Easily ingest invoices by scanning them from the mobile app

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Scanning invoices is as simple as the click of your camera with our intuitive invoice scanner built into the Mobile App. This scan will provide the highest-quality data to the AI models for robust learning and invoice processing in real time.

Step #1: Scanning the document

  1. Navigate to the Invoices section of the mobile app

  2. Select the correct Company that the invoice will be uploaded into

  3. Press the green 'Scan Invoice' button at the bottom of the screen

  4. Hold your phone steady over the invoice and follow the on-screen prompts

Step #2: Adjust Scanned Item

Crop: Reduce the size of the scanned image

Rotate: Tap to rotate the screen 90 degrees - repeat until it is correctly oriented.

Step #3: Add More Pages & Complete Scan

  • Scan and add additional document pages

  • Click 'Done' once done scanning

  • The invoice will be processed in the Company you had selected, and shortly appear for processing!

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