Dos and Don'ts of Communication

Learn about the dos and don'ts of communication with the volunteers on our Volunteer World platform.

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In order to provide a safe and equal service to all members of our platform, it is important for you to follow some basic communication guidelines.


  • Do not share contact details until the final reservation of the volunteer program is done

  • Do not arrange collusive applications beyond our Volunteer World application system

  • Do not send messages that include offensive language 


  • Be clear & direct

  • Be respectful

  • Be aware of cultural differences

We rely on trustworthy relationships as our business only succeeds if our partners receive volunteer applications via our Volunteer World application system. Thus all applications have to take place within our application system.

We understand that some situations need a more direct way of communicating, e.g. in order to conduct an interview before proceeding with the application. This is why it is possible for organizations and volunteers to share their telephone numbers and Skype IDs - as long as the application process will be continued through our platform afterward. 

Volunteer World aims to display all of its social projects the best way possible. With this purpose, we have developed an easy-to-use platform. Furthermore, if our cooperations work well we will advertise them on our various social media platforms with a monthly reach of millions of people. 

If you attempt to contact volunteers beyond our website to arrange booking and payment details, we cannot build a mutually beneficial relationship with you. Repeated violations of our Terms & Conditions such as arranging applications beyond our platform will, unfortunately, lead to a permanent exclusion from our platform.

Additionally, for the volunteer's Refund Guarantee and Flex Option on Volunteer World, it is vital that all communication happens on our platform, as otherwise we have no record of it and can't guarantee that our Platform Services will apply. 

If volunteers receive a message from a volunteer organization asking them to contact them beyond our website to arrange booking and payment details, they will immediately report it.

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