We know that within the application process and for informative reasons, it is often necessary for you to share documents with the volunteers. This is why we developed an easy-to-use technic for sharing documents

Generally, you have two options to upload documents.

Option 1

As soon as a volunteer contacts you, you can respond to them and share files within the message system.

1. Simply log in to your account on Volunteer World and click on the envelope sign in the top menu. 

2. Click on "Add File", select the respective document and upload it. 

3. After you successfully uploaded the file, you can draft a short message and then click on "Send Message". 

Option 2 

As soon as a volunteer applies for one of your volunteer programs, you can respond to them and share files within the application system.

1. Log in to your Volunteer World account and click on the tab "Applications".

2. Click on "Details" of the respective application. 

3. Click on “Add Required Document” and "Browse" to select the specific document. 

3. Type in a name for the document and click on "Start Upload".

You will then find your file in the document section, accessible for the volunteer.

Please write a message to the volunteer to inform him that you uploaded a document. 

When uploading documents please make sure that you always stick to our Dos and Don'ts of Communication and that you do not share contact details within your documents. 

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