In this article, you will learn how to handle feedback for your volunteer program. We know it's a further step, but our feedback process helps you to improve the quality of your volunteer program and thus you can look forward to more volunteer applications.

After you requested publication for your new volunteer program, it will go through our quality check. We will review your program and give you feedback on whether it can be published.

1. By clicking the “Action” button, you will be able to see which of the 5 steps needs to be edited. 

Those steps will be marked red as you can see below. 

2. You will find a box with comments on what should be changed, once you click on each of the steps. 

3. Edit the respective steps and request publication once again.

If you have to edit information about your social project, you will get the specific feedback for it in step 1, as well. 

If your program was perfect from the beginning, these steps will not be necessary and we will directly put your program online. 

After your program is published on our platform, you can send reviews from former volunteers to We will add them for you to your social project site. This will help to attract potential volunteers.

What's next: Learn how to add multiple volunteer programs.

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