AI Vision

Overview of CodeWP's AI Vision features

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CodeWP can ‘look’ at your website, helping you to understand what’s on it and how it’s structured. This AI Vision feature is helpful when generating code, troubleshooting, and more.

How To Use AI Vision with CodeWP

AI vision is a pro only feature, and is currently in early alpha testing. Only a select amount of accounts have access to this feature.

To use Vision, you must have a connected project. Once the project is connected, you can use the vision feature on any URL with the project’s domain.

AI Vision is available on both Code and Chat.

For code, you can use this tool to help provide the AI with more information:

  • "I want to change the blue WooCommerce button to say 'shop now'."

For chat, even more use cases open up:

  • "I'd like feedback on the overall design of this page."

  • "Is this page accessible?"

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